Midnight Musings

Love & Showers

I discovered a real treat in the shower today. A terribly innocent one, rest assured! You see, there’s a rainbow in my shower.

Okay, okay. It seems quite common. When water catches the sunlight some sciency stuff happens and then bam! a rainbow appears.

Although commonplace in situations where water and sunlight are involved, the sight remains mesmerizing! Utterly bambubbling, actually (inducing a childlike state of wonder i.e. the name of this blog, hence its worthiness to be noted).

You see, I had spent a salty morning on the beach and was eager to rid my body of its sandy clutches at home. In the shower, as one inevitably does, I started thinking.

How often is the Lord and His presence compared to an ocean? A river? A flood? For example, this lyric by Crowder:

If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.

Swimming in the sea, I had felt intensely small. Insignificant, even. A mere drop in the ocean (pun fully intended)!

In my own insignificance, however, I became aware of the significance of such a comparison: The love of God calls us, just like the ocean roars. It comes in waves, gradually pulling us deeper, closer to the Father’s heart. It is not forceful, but rather fiercely alluring.

The deeper you immerse yourself, the harder it becomes to emerge from the awareness of His kind heart. His mercy clings to you like the salt of the sea. Mercy so boundless, unmerited and raw, you can taste it and see that He is good!

His Presence is like water. We thirst after it, often unknowingly. It cleanses and soothes us. It washes us clean. It visibly changes us. And it drips from us after we have been submerged.

His love is boundless! And so are the words I could write about it, but by now, you’ve probably forgotten all about the rainbow.

If His Love is like water, it can be like a shower just as much as an ocean. Sometimes it seems as if a shower aims to drown you. Other times it’s pee-shy. This is how we mere mortals comprehend the Father’s love: It may feel as if His love comes in different degrees of strength.

I don’t believe it does, but even so, one truth remains: a little water is water just as much as a lot of water is water.

in short, His love remains, no matter in which measure we perceive its greatness.

Standing in the shower, I was puzzled by the nozzle’s particular skimpiness. I would’ve much preferred a whole dam river to a few droplets!

Anyhow, as the sun slanted into the room, those droplets caught its light and bam! a rainbow appeared. It was mesmerizing. It was beautiful. It was age-old proof of God’s faithfulness and power. And like I said, it was a real treat.


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