God and His Goodness

My tears have dried, leaving a dull throbbing in my head as replacement. I feel about as numb as the monotonous mechanical voice calling out to different numbers to report to different stations.

You see, I went for my driver’s test today. In fact, I’m still here at the Department of Transport waiting to claim my right to freedom on the road. And I’m not going to lie: this line is killing me slowly. At least I have time to think.

The test had been an emotional rigmarole. Due to misunderstanding on my part, I had initially understood that I had failed- and quite miserably so. It was only after a teary further inquiry that I was told otherwise.

The post now seems pointless, doesn’t it? I mean, I have my license (well, almost). Everything seems to have turned out fine!

That’s the point.

I’d been praying for weeks- months even- and had even asked my friends to do so, too. “You can go into that test with a Godly confidence,” my best friend told me. And you know what? She was right.

Because He resides in us and us in Him, we are allowed to be confident in our God!

Try as I might, however, I was not.

The awesome thing about God is that, even in my unbelief, He was there. I prayed for grace and He showed it to me. I prayed to travel safely and here I am: a bit impatient, but safe! I prayed to get my license today. It didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped, but my prayers have been answered. Because He is faithful.

Worldly stressors often create a cavity in our trust in Him. Why? Simply because we are human and utterly flawed. Luckily, our Creator also happens to be the ultimate dentist, as His grace is enough to fill the void.

My tears have dried, my head aches and I could really use a sip of water. But, you know what? I serve a great God. And that’s something to think about.


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